Base Work

This is probably the most important part of a garage, the backbone! I know a concrete base doesn't look much but we still pride ourselves on a great looking finish.



There are a few different types of finishes for every type of customer, the most common is the smooth floated finish which we achieve with our fantastic bull float.

There’s the tamped finish which is usually used for getting grip under foot or under tyres. To achieve this we just use the tamp to leave little ripples along the base.

There is the tamped finish with floated edges which looks quite effective.

Last of all is the brushed finish, to achieve this finish we tamp the base, float the base smooth and then literally run a fine brush across the surface.




The key to a good strong base is what’s underneath it…the foundations! If you make sure the preparation is spot on then your base will out last the life of any garage.

That is why here at WHGS we work to the highest standard so that the customer has peace of mind the money they are spending is in safe hands.

We use micro diggers on the larger scale bases to aid in the amount of soil that needs to be excavated, in return this speeds up the base process.

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