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Panel and post were the first CONCRETE sectional garages to be manufactured, they all came with an asbestos roof. They weren't the prettiest of buildings but they served their purpose!



There are thousands of panel and post garages still up in the UK and many are still structurally sound and just require new roofs etc.

Unfortunately for most though they are well past their sell by date and can be very dangerous.

We probably dismantle and remove more panels and post garages than any other style.


The good old timber asbestos garage. These particular garages were around before the panel and post style!

They are timber framed with sheets of asbestos nailed to the sides and corrugated asbestos for the roof sheets. In some cases they have corrugated sheets on the sides aswell as the roof.

Again this style of garage isn’t very handsome and are usually smaller in size.

Generally people have these garages removed to get rid of the asbestos which is costly to do but if you are planning on selling the house it puts a lot of people off buying the property.

 We all know that asbestos is a harmful material!! That is why when handling masks will be worn at all times.




The steel garage were just as popular as the timber asbestos and looked pretty much the same.

But the thing with steel as we all know is that it rots fairly easy over time so didn’t last as long as the asbestos or concrete ones.

But they did have a  plus point…they were fire proof.




The brick garage may seem like the longer lasting option but sometimes they deteriorate just as quick as all the others if not maintained.

As we see here in this photo brick builds can also have asbestos roofs.

These are by far the most challenging of garages to dismantle and remove, not to mention time consuming and dangerous.

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