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You must be thinking 'where do I start?' Well the answer is here!

When looking for a new garage WHGS is the first port of call. We offer the best advise for your new building as we do all aspects of the job, from dismantling your old garage to laying the new base for the new building.

We do not use sub contractors or other builders!!! Because we manage the full project you will have peace of mind that what we say we will do, will be done.

Why not request free brochures and price lists to give you a little insight to what style and size your budget can get you. And if you are unsure of what’s needed or you are struggling with the prices, we offer a free site survey!


Why not download our free brochure:


To get instant access to our prices for all our buildings please click the applicable PDF for your area. To check which area you are in please see the area map first.

 Area Map

Yellow area 1 Price List

Green area 2 Price List



Looking for something different from the rest?

Why not personalise your new garage with a different wall finish!

With a big selection of different styles we are certain there is a finish for everyone.

Create a building that sets it apart from the rest.




Our garages come with a 10 year structural guarantee which is given with every style of garage!

Some people ask for the garage just to be delivered so they can erect it themselves saving them a few hundred pounds but be aware that doing it this way you don’t get any guarantee or instructions how to build it.

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