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Frequently asked questions on our garage and garden room installations

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On this page, we supply answers to your most frequently asked questions related to our products and services.

Can’t see your question here? Not a problem! Simply contact the WH Garage Specialists team in Sheffield by giving us a call.

  • 1: Do you lay concrete bases?
    Yes, we lay bases for all our buildings and the standard base depth is, 100mm of concrete with 100mm of compact hardcore. All our bases come with a damp proof membrane. Where building regulations are needed, please provide drawings or specs.
  • 2: Do you remove asbestos?
    Yes, we are licensed to remove all white bonded asbestos that is found on old garage. The asbestos goes to an assigned Environment Agency site. If you require a consignment note for safe disposal, we can forward this onto you.
  • 3: How long before a building can go on the base?
    Our rule of thumb is minimum 5-7 days before any building gets erected on it.
  • 4: Do you cover my area?
    We cover most of the UK; please see our map to see which area you fall into. If you are in blue/pink or cream areas, please give us a call.
  • 5: Do I need planning permission?
    While anything under 30m² doesn’t generally need planning, there are a few things you may need to be aware of: If you are within 2 metres to a boundary, the building cannot be any more than 2.5m high without planning. If you are looking to get a lean-to building, again this will need advise from planning. Anything over 30m² requires planning consent. Any local council will advise on this.
  • 6: Can I have doors and windows anywhere in the building?
    All windows and doors will fit anywhere in all our buildings with a few exemptions. Trusses are structural and will determine certain locations for windows and doors.
  • 7: Are the buildings maintenance free?
    While no building is ever truly maintenance free, we do offer no maintenance options which will not require painting or sealing etc. If you order a painted building or a garage with timber fascias, this will require upkeep. We always recommend cleaning all our buildings on a regular basis; this will allow longevity of all the materials used.
  • 8: Are the buildings insulated?
    All of our timber garden rooms are fully insulated as standard. However, our concrete buildings aren’t insulated as standard. We do offer insulated roofing options and can offer lining clips with the intent to insulating the building.
  • 9: Can you do extra high buildings?
    Yes, we can achieve an eaves height of up to 9ft. Planning consent will be required on these heights.
  • 10: Is access a problem?
    While good straight forward access is ideal, it isn’t always an option. We can get our buildings pretty much anywhere in your garden with few exemptions. Our buildings are fairly heavy so fork trucks may be used. If access is tight or steps are involved we will use a special barrow. If you are unsure of the access give us a call or pop over some images. Our buildings are delivered on a ridged wagon, which most roads will accept.
  • 11: Do you remove old garages?
    Yes, we can remove any style garage from site.


For your queries, quotes and general advice on our garage and garden room installations,

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